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Serving Clients All Across the Nation:
Although I live in beautiful Spartanburg, SC, I serve clients in many states across the US. So don't be afraid to call; I can provide help in most cases.

Why Use an Independent Broker?
I am not beholden to any particular insurance company but am free to choose from among almost all of them. (There are a few companies that do not work with buyers' brokers, but most of them do.)

Why call agent after agent to gather quotes, when an independent broker like myself can do it all in one phone conversation? It saves a lot of time not having to explain your situation and all of your personal details to agent after agent. Build a relationship witha broker you can trust and your insurance shopping gets much easier.

Insurance typically makes for a frustrating and time-consuming do-it-yourself project. Let an independent broker help you!


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I Can Help You With

All types of Final Expense and Burial insurance, Health, Medicare, and Life insurance. Dental and Vision plans too.

Final Expense Plans

Paying for funeral, cremation, burial, and other end-of-life expenses can usually be covered with a small monthly plan. I'd be happy to give you a free quote so that these expenses don't fall on a loved one.

Health Insurance

From Major Medical to Term Medical to Indemnity Plans, Health Insurance can get complicated and overwhelming for many trying to navigate this terrain. I'd be happy to help you sort out your options so you can choose the best fit for yourself.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare has a lot of moving parts: you have Original Medicare Parts A & B, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements, and Prescription Drug Plans. We can talk about what options would make the most sense for you.

Dental & Vision Plans

Many times a person's health plan does not include dental or vision coverage. Want to look at options? Give me a call. There is a lot to consider when it comes to prices, networks, doctor availability, deductibles, copays, and more.

About Your Agent

Insurance is about relationships, getting to know your clients so you can serve them best. I believe in putting my clients in control of their own decision making and choices, and leave them free to do what feels right to them.

  • Licensed Insurance Agent with numerous Life, Health, and Medicare companies.

  • I hold state licenses In South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Vermont, Kansas, Virginia, and Maryland.

  • Specializing in Final Expense/ Health Insurance/ Medicare Plans / Dental insurance/ Term Life Insurance

  • Never any sales pressure. We all deserve the dignity of being able to choose freely for ourselves.

Christopher Hinton

Your Agent:

Most people like to know who they're doing business with, especially when they are talking about the personal and financial aspects of their life.

So I will save you a little bit of time and give you a brief overview of my background and who I am personally and professionally.

I was born and raised in Florida. Went to Florida State University before joining the Navy.

I served during Operation Desert Storm and was stationed in Sicily, Italy. I served as a Military Police Officer with the Sigonella Police Department, and did special assignments in anti-terrorism, patrol and guard duty, and was the Commanding Officer’s Personal Protection Officer.

After leaving the military, I worked for several Fortune 500 companies like Charles Schwab Investments, New York Life, and Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

But I really cherish working for myself, which is what I do now. I like to be in control of my own destiny, schedule, and who I work with.

I have found people need help in 3 areas primarily: making sure income is provided for their family upon their passing; lowering the cost of their health insurance; and navigating the confusing maze of Medicare options.

Instead of having a sales-centered transaction where a telemarketer tries to fit you into their product line, I aim to have a needs-centered conversation, where I help you to discover your preferred path and leave you free to act on those options.

My goal is to have a high-trust, high-value relationship with my clients that endures throughout the years. That doesn't come by manipulating people into "buying what I'm selling!", but by making your priorities my priorities.

I look forward to working together with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's face it, some of these questions may be on your mind. Let's deal with them.

How much does it cost?

It depends on what type of insurance we're talking about. If, for example, you were considering Final Expense insurance, most people end up enrolling in a plan that is perhaps $50 or $60/mo. Most of my clients are on a fixed income, and many times a plan that is $40, or even less, it the best fit. It also greatly depends upon your age and health. But no worries, I am an expert on finding the lowest cost plans for any situation... even yours!

Is it really possible to complete my insurance purchase by phone?

Sure. It's not as crazy as it might sound. Think of all the other things you buy by phone: your cable and internet subscription; your auto and home insurance; utilities such as water, electric, gas; etc., etc.

When you purchase insurance, you will typically sign your paperwork just by clicking on a link in your email from the insurance company, reviewing your app for accuracy, and typing your name as your signature.

Some insurance applications are entirely by phone/voice, so no computer is necessary.

Can I trust you working with my elderly mom? Will you work towards her best interest?

You have every right to be concerned. It is good that you take an interest in her well being and to make sure she is not disadvantaged by a manipulative peddler. This happens frequently.

What I normally suggest is that YOU be involved in the process. Perhaps we do calls together. Maybe you'd like to be included on all the emails. Maybe you'd like to approve of any of the changes we make in her coverage selections.

To all this I say YES! I love working this way because it really helps if there's a trusted family member in the loop.

Do you work with people by phone or in person?

All of my discussions with clients take place by phone. That's a saving grace in this COVID-19 environment as there's no reason to risk the health and wellbeing of you and your family by meeting with someone who goes from home to home spending time with people.

How do I know you're a real person? I get telemarketing calls all the time, are you just in a phone room somewhere?

No, I'm not in a phone room and I'm not a telemarketer. I recommend that you never talk to a telemarketer about insurance. I too get their calls all the time, and am flabbergasted by how rude and insulting they can be when they find out you're not buying from them.

I have actually started an organization called "The Scam Proof Senior" that helps people become aware of online and telephonic scams and helps prepare themselves to defend against these dishonest practices.

I am state licensed, have had numerous background checks, fingerprints, FBI checks, criminal history checks, etc. I have never been accused of an unfair practice, never had a consumer complaint, never been arrested for any reason.

I get up every morning to help people.

What if I want to know more about you?

You might want to read some of the over 400 articles I've written on Quora. (Just type in my name, you'll see me) This is 6 years worth of writing content for the sole purpose of helping people, and with no self promotion.

I have also been a mentor at a troubled youth facility, spent years feeding the homeless, mentored several entrepreneurs, and served our country in time of war. I'm all about "adding value" and making the world a better place.

(oh, btw, I mentioned Quora above. If you go there to read my articles, be careful: Quora can be highly addicting!)

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